SALON-interior is scaling up and reaching out to relevant markets for the Russian-speaking community of architecture and design professionals, brands and consumers.
The international Russian-speaking ex-patriot community continues to expand in markets such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Republic of Türkiye (ROT) and Russian design professionals, their clients and consumers look to SALON-interior for solutions for their local architectural and interior design project’s needs.

Shaping and guiding this close relationship
in the UAE promises to deliver maximum
value to all parties.
SALON-interior is the unique and prestigious Russian media in the field of architecture and design.

For over 30 years Salon-interior has covered, celebrated and championed the successful work

of many emerging and leading Russian architects, designers and decorators, as well as their international counterparts.

It is the essential resource and guide for Russian-speaking design consultants, interior designers, architects and related industry professionals who recommend and buy products and services for both architectural and interior design projects for their clients

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'SALON-Interior Award 2024'
Presentation Ceremony Held in Moscow

On April 4, the SALON-Interior Award 2024 for interior design professionals was presented at a festive awards ceremony held in the very center of Moscow as part of the celebration of the legendary magazine's 30th anniversary.

Designers, architects, decorators, art and antique experts, representatives of the real estate development market and famous brands, long-time partners of the magazine, as well as other key players in the international design market, were on hand for the gala event.
The invited guests discussed new ideas and collaborations, as well as joint projects and plans, and exchanged contacts in a laidback atmosphere, while enjoying jazz and arias from Italian operas.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of SALON-interior's jubilee statuettes, diplomas, and gratitude to the designers, architects, and partners of the magazine.
What is SALON-Interior?

SALON-interior magazine was launched in 1994. From the very beginning, it published the best works of leading architects, designers, and decorators created in Russia and abroad.
SALON-interior is Russia's most prestigious architecture and design magazine. All new, unique, and exclusive creations are reflected on its pages, helping readers to stay on top of the world's cutting-edge trends.

Events, world exhibitions, accessory reviews, historical buildings, and celebrity interviews, as well as landscape and floral solutions, are all topics featured in the magazine, providing readers with the latest information on the fascinating and creative world of architecture and design.
Today, SALON-Interior is a large communication platform that promotes effective solutions, networking, digital projects, and CRM, while taking a professional approach yielding maximum results.

SALON-interior covers, celebrates and champions the work of many emerging and leading Russian architects, designers and decorators, as well as their international counterparts. The wide gambit of content ranges from cutting-edge concepts, smart solutions and inspirational ideas to conversations with some of the most talented Russian designers, artists and architects, to the latest industry news, international market trends and exclusive interviews. The quality of our high-level content

and published projects is well recognized

in the industry.

Olga Korotkova


This proves that SALON-interior is the most trusted

and connective source and enhances the communication and relationship

between brands, professionals and consumers.


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69,7 % 16 – 44 years old
51,3% female
Financial status
79,8 % wealthy/high income
73,3 % higher education / academic degree
4x per year
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(1/1 page 4c)
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With SALON-interior you reach readers with a particularly high willingness to spend in the most diverse product areas.
• The majority of SALON-interior readers are female, employed,
have a great interest in interior trends, architecture and design as well as art and culture and can afford a luxurious lifestyle.

• They afford high-quality pieces of furniture,
home accessories, fabrics and tableware and have high aesthetic standards for these products. SALON-interior consumers enjoy a high-quality lifestyle
and find rest and relaxation from everyday life
in the luxurious interior of their own home.

The SALON-interior newsletter keeps readers of the most prestigious Russian media for architecture and design,
SALON-interior, informed about unique and new exclusive Russian designs and international ones, and helps readers
to be at the cutting-edge of current trends and stay updated on the work of coming up and well known Russian architects, designers and decorators.

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Important source of information on current topics around Russian architecture and design and international trends.
Direct access to an attractive, wealthy target group
and particularly interesting as a response channel.

The daily information service connects on brief news.

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